Brand: Massey Ferguson
Product Code: MF36-16ARD
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Massey Ferguson's Rear-discharge lawn tractors are perfect for covering a large area in a short space of time.

It has a unique deck composed of three materials - the combination of a zinc coated deck, front and rear aluminum protectors and high-resistant polypropylene ensures maximum strength.

With its exceptionally powerful 500CC Briggs and Stratton engine and extra-wide 92cm (36inch) deck, the Massey Ferguson MF36-16ARD will make light work of very large grassed-areas, whether formal or informal. The power-units single cylinder, overhead-valve design makes it quiet, clean-running and ensures fuel-costs are minimised. A high-volume 7.5-litre fuel-tank works with the engines fuel-efficiency to ensure you’ll be able to put-in long stints between refuelling-breaks. The Massey Ferguson MF36-16ARD Rear-Discharge Lawn & Garden Tractor incorporates a range of high-spec features, key amongst them being an Autodrive transmission. This gearless drive-system gives you instant and precise control of the ground-speed (both forward and reverse), allowing you to mow safely and accurately around trees and ornaments and along borders, in turn minimising the amount of trimming work required. You’ll also be able to match the ground-speed to suit the weather-conditions and type of grass you’re dealing with. Thanks to its unique Direct-Collect technology and high-vacuum cutter-deck, the Massey Ferguson offers superb collection-performance in any conditions. Collecting clippings is not the only option – with the rear-deflector attached you can operate without the collector, ideal for very long-grass; and with the mulch-kit fitted, you’ll be able to recycle clippings for a lush, green lawn (mulching is best undertaken on shorter grass, in dry conditions). The massive 350-litre grass-catcher can be emptied at the push of a button, and is equipped with an audible ‘bag-full’ alert. Unusually, the Massey Ferguson can operate with the blades engaged while it’s in reverse. Their RevTek technology allows the operator to select an override setting that facilitates this, so it becomes a hassle-free operation to quickly revisit any patches you may have missed. This truly outstanding lawn & garden tractor also features extra-wide tyres that provide excellent traction on difficult ground, while ensuring that fine-lawns are not damaged by the machines weight. An adjustable high-backed seat; padded pedals; light-steering and cruise control all work to ensure user-fatigue is negligible; and a pivoting front-axle allows the cutter-deck to follow the rise and fall of the terrain for an ultra-consistent finish.


Model Number: MF36-16ARD
Engine: 500cc Briggs & Stratton OHV 
Drive System: Autodrive
Fuel Tank:  10 litres
Chassis: Heavy duty full welded steel
Front Axle: Pivoting cast Iron
PTO Clutch: Electric switch
Standard Deck: 92cm/36"
Blades: 2
Cut Height: 2-12cm
Catcher capacity: 350 litres
Turning radius: 40cm/21"
Mulch Kit: Optional

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