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This new professional grade hand-held leaf blower from MTD has an advanced 4-stroke engine and will out-perform most of the 2-stroke blowers currently available on the market. It delivers a huge blowing capacity of 12m3/min ensuring a fast clear up rate and weighs just 5.7 kg. The powerful 25 cc low emission engine burns up to 30 % less fuel than a two stoke leaf blower, saving on running costs, and there is no need to spend time achieving the correct oil / petrol mix. The MTD 4SC 4-stroke Leaf Blower also benefits from operating at a lower noise level than a 2-stroke model making it particularly useful for leaf clearance work in residential and built-up areas.

The MTD 4SC Leaf Blower is a professional grade machine which has been built to last. It employs advanced 4-stroke engine technology which offers several advantages over standard 2-stroke models:

• Lower noise levels for more comfortable operation and less noise pollution in built-up areas • Lower emissions to meet current EU requirement without a reduction in performance • No need to mix fuel saving time and effort • Lower vibration levels reducing operator fatigue and increasing periods of operation if using professionally • Uses up to 30 % less fuel greatly reducing running costs

With a blowing capacity of 12m3/min and an air speed of 241km/h, the MTD 4SC Leaf Blower will out-perform just about any other leaf blower on the market. This means you can work faster clearing up leaves and other debris saving valuable time.

It’s powered by a 25 cc (0.75 kW) 4-stroke engine which comes with MTD’s unique Advanced Starting Technology allowing anyone to fire-up the machine with virtually no effort. The starter rope only needs to be pulled slowly, tensioning an assistor spring which releases energy to assist starting. It’s so easy; you can start this machine with one finger!

Weighing just 5.7 kg, the MTD 4SC 4-stroke leaf blower is simple to use and comfortable to operate. 

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